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Got My Weight Up
Got My Weight Up
Sep 30, 2020
Hello, My name is Sylvia Lenecia Robinson, wife of Roy Robinson Sr., mother of Cynthia Fails and Roy Robinson Jr. and grandmother to Evelyn Robinson. Believing and embracing the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” I have enjoyed an eclectic career and have kept myself open to the possibilities of change for individuals, organizations and communities working toward the Common Good. My work experiences are in education, research and evaluation, philanthropy, public policy, leadership development, coaching and civic engagement. I received my undergraduate degree from Kansas State University and my graduate degrees from the University of Kansas. A longtime resident of Kansas City, Kansas, I have served on numerous boards at the local, state and national level to include the Kansas Board of Regents, the Children’s Cabinet of Kansas and most recently the Kansas State Alumni Board of Directors. My life and career has been inspired by wisdom offered from an elderly lady named Alice Sweet during a summer internship my sophomore year of college who said, "Leave yourself open to possibilities because what you know is possible is this much (hands close together) and what the Universe knows is available is this much (arms spread apart)! Because of her, I have been blessed with opportunities I didn't know were available or even possible for me just by leaving myself open and allowing my path to be directed. As such, I feel compelled to pass on this bit of wisdom to others by sharing my life experience and what happens when you leave yourself open to possibilities. The working title for my book is "IT WAS RIGHT THERE ALL THE TIME!"
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Got My Weight Up
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