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Squeeze Into Your Dreams

From author & entrepreneur Tre Glasper, an inspirational story about holding fast to your dreams

In Squeeze into Your Dreams, we're introduced to Tre Glasper, an exceptional 9-year-old with a grand vision. Noticing a gap in his local farmers market with no drink stalls, Tre embarked on a heartwarming mission. He created Tre's Squeeze, a lemonade brand that did more than just satisfy thirst-it sparked his entrepreneurial flame.


Yet this narrative is not just about a budding businessman. It's a compelling invitation to dreamers everywhere. Through Tre's story, we're reminded that dreams are ageless. Tre's grit and creativity encourage us to aim high, showing that regardless of age, we all have the potential to "squeeze into our dreams."

Jump into Tre's origin story, then use the bonus goodies to continue your own!

Release Date: October 17, 2023

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