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March is Women’s History Month. We have some women in the writing and publishing world who deserve some serious applause. {Including me! Yes, I'll finally own it!} I’m really excited to share with you the Women in Publishing Summit, the FIRST ALL FEMALE online publishing conference EVER. Over 70 women brought their A-GAME to share their best tips, tools, secrets, and resources for successfully writing, publishing, and selling a lot of books! We’re pulling out the red carpet and bring you a line-up that will leave you feeling encouraged, inspired, and supported in your writing and publishing journey.

It’s been a big year for Women. I’m happy to be part of a celebration of women who are absolutely rocking it in the writing, publishing, and selling of books. (Plus the other people who make amazing books come to life - the editors and the graphic artists, the PR and marketing professionals, and so forth.)

LaunchCrate is excited to join the ranks of this year's summit presenters. I’ll be speaking about What Makes a Children's Book Great, and representing LaunchCrate on the Publisher's Panel. Be sure to check out our Opus Journey Quick Start Guide on the page just for Conference Attendees!

We'll see you in Office Hours!


“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.”

George Washington Carver

Dream wild and free. Build a vision. You are entirely up to you.

Stay safe friends!

C. L. Fails

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