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Podcast Season 3 Ep. 7: A Bountiful Bag

We sat down with a Program Director, to chat about living courageously.

LaunchCrate Podcast Season 3 - Ep. 6: Guest Gene Willis


We're still rolling!

Podcast Season 3, Episode 7, with William Dowdell

We're on the second half of Season 3 which also means the end of year is near!

This week we’re chatting with William Dowdell, Program Director at HireKC. We cover a wide range of topics together, from finding the courage to speak up, to the importance of believing those who see value in you, that you might not see in yourself.

Together we pen an intriguing story on Planet Parable, and get back to drawing on Creation Comet. Then stick around for this week’s 3-2-1, Go! We're chatting about how bountiful appreciation, attracts more resources.

It’s a Bountiful Bag...

Let's go!


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Here are the links to and info on our World of Lit stories:

Here's a quick story on this week's Ella Ambassadors:


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