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Podcast Season 2 Ep. 3: A Beautiful Trek

We sat down with the founder of LaunchCrate to discuss the beauty in the process of childlike curiosity.


A Fan Favorite Returns!

Podcast Season 2, Episode 2, with Tyrone Gethers, Jr.

ICYMI: Season 2 is back and we're eager to share our third episode with you. Our VP of Miscellaneous stuff steps into the host seat to chat with LaunchCrate Founder, Author, and Public Speaker, C. L. Fails, about creativity, the power of education, and the beauty of staying open to new things. Keep your ears open for her theme song(s) - yep, we snuck an extra song in there somewhere.

Be sure to hang around for our trip to Planet Parable, where we find out how the lives of an octopus and viking intertwine.

Our Creation Comet activity teaches us how to draw a face using the capital letter, E.

Plus, check out our "3,2,1 Go!" to discover everything you need to know about becoming beautiful.

We packed a lot into a short amount of time! Enjoy...


Listen Below

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Here are the links to and info on our World of Lit stories:


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