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A Momentous Occassion

What an amazing adventure this last year has been! I've moved from concept to actualizing output and we received something really cool this week. It truly is a momentous occasion! That's our #Go52 Theme of the Week:

#Go52 Theme: Week 43 - Momentous

Here we are in Week 43 celebrating the proof edition and pending launch of the first "official" LaunchCrate title by an author other than me.

From Stressed to Blessed, by Frances Bradley Robinson

We tested our theory in practice with other unofficial LaunchCrate authors until we were able to refine and streamline the process. Now our first "official" author is on the verge of a Book Launch. Come next, Tuesday, October 31st, From Stressed to Blessed: A Personal Journey, will be available for purchase.

Ready to Pre-order and help this author feel the love?

Check it out on

Amazon, or

Consider the cover our illustration for the week. The theme is momentous, the author's personal journey is momentous, as is this snapshot in time for LaunchCrate.

What's been momentous for you? Illustrate it. Share it. Tag it. #Go52

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