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Podcast Ep. 3: Wonderful

A Dynamic Guest, New Title Release Date, and A Call to Action...Read Below

A New Creation Comet Challenge

Episode 3 is here and we're chatting with Tanesha Ford, Program Director of Kauffman Scholars, Inc. about leaps of faith, what it really means to be humble, and somersaulting out of rooms. Truckloads of thanks for sharing part of your story with us. Join us for a Planet Parable voyage to Florida, and a new Creation Comet Activity! Let us know; how many songs did we "pass" and how many did you get right?

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Here are the links to and info on our World of Lit stories:

Find Tanesha on Social Media: @tanesha.lynn

Share your Ep. 1 Experiment Results (Tootsie Roll Pops) & Creation Comet Results: @LaunchCrate

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