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Podcast Ep. 2: Valuable Luggage

Details of LaunchCrate Podcast, Episode Two and A Call to Action...Read Below

Lots of Laughter and Fun

Episode 2 is here and we're chatting with Educator Extraordinaire, Tiffany Hamilton about humor, compassion, love, and procrastinitis. A HUGE thanks for sharing part of your story with us. Join us for a bonus story on Planet Parable, and two Creation Comet sketches! If you listen carefully, you might find a mash up of Tiffany's two theme songs.

Listen Below

If you're attempting to listen on your iPhone use this link:

Thank you! Thank you!

Many thanks to our Call-in Ella Ambassador of the Week, Kelly Jones, for the many ways she continues to impact the world around her. Your contributions stretch from your neighborhood, to your city, state, and the nation in which we live.

Keep making waves!

Help us Continue

We're excited to share some of our coolest behind the scenes and bonus footage with you.

Enter Patreon, a way to support creative entrepreneurs. We launched our Patreon page along with the inauguration of our Podcast. Check us out for ways that you can help keep the podcast and other initiatives rolling along!


Here are the links to our World of Lit Stories:

Find Tiffany on Social Media: @tswhamilton1913

Share your Ep. 1 Experiment Results & Creation Comet Drawings: @LaunchCrate

Let us know what you think! Drop your comments below. Share it with your friends. If you're so inclined:

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