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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Two major announcements on the LaunchCrate front, and a truckload of gigantic Thank You's to distribute.

Announcement, the First

LaunchCrate Podcast Icon

LaunchCrate Publishing has a Podcast!

We've been planning and prepping, and prepping and planning, and recording and editing, and now it's finished and ready to be judged.

A HUGE thanks to our first podcast guest, Duane A. Joseph, Sr, Founder + President of MaranathaEd. We had a blast recording (and re-recording) our first episode. Funny story about Ep. 1: we hit record and proceeded to capture the most awesome podcast ever...on video only. Sometimes you hit a snag or catch an, "oops".

Here's the exact moment we realized the audio did not record. Drop your caption in the comments.

Announcement, the Second

So while the bad news is that we goofed, the good news is that a bonus came out of it. Aside from crafting more stories, working with new authors, and visiting with awesome people at Book Festivals, we have also been hard at work dreaming up ways to get our coolest behind the scenes and bonus footage to you.

The Podcast & Truckloads of Thank You's

Here for your listening pleasure, is our inaugural episode of the LaunchCrate Podcast, an episode about focus, finding your creative groove, overcoming obstacles, and how many licks it takes to get to the bottom of a Tootsie Roll Pop (no lie - it's in there):

MANY THANKS to our call-in Ella Ambassador, Elora Thomas. We see you being all awesome and stuffs! To all who check out our contribution to the podcast-o-sphere, we thank you as well.


Here are the links to our World of Lit Stories:

Find Duane on Social Media: @MaranathaEd

Share your experiment results: @LaunchCrate

Let us know what you think! Drop your comments below. Share it with your friends. If you're so inclined:

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