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Double the Fun: Extraordinarily Renewed

This Week's #Go52 post spans the course of two weeks. The truth is, last week was beyond extraordinary (Week 34's theme). On the day of the Total Eclipse I celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary to the hubs. That day marked a shift in energy, a sense of renewal (Week 35's theme), and an opportunity to move forward in a clear direction.

The sudden onset and disappearance of the moon's shadow hovering over the earth, represented so many fleeting moments in our lives. The difference, on that day, many of us stopped what we were doing to appreciate this occurrence for the grand beauty that accompanied it. What if we were able to pause more often, to reflect on each fleeting moment and its grandeur or impact? What would be the resulting actions that followed?

For me, the total eclipse was a reminder to be more intentional about the direction in which I focus my energy. So, I move forward in business and in life with an extraordinarily renewed sense of purpose. Are you with me?

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." Socrates, Weeks 34 & 35 #Go52 illustration by C. L. Fails

#Go52 - Week 34 - Extraordinary
#Go52 - Week 35 - Renewed

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