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Swimming Into the Deep End

There are moments in life that we instinctively know are earmarks for a shift in being. Sometimes those are easy to see; birth, loss, graduation, etc. Sometimes we trudge into and out of a moment, harried or anxious, only to realize after the fact that the act of going through it has pointed us in a new direction - often one we wouldn't have forecast or thought possible for ourselves. On the other side of that experience there's usually a moment of, "Holy $#*!, I did that?", followed by a calm in understanding what you are actually capable of doing.

I've had several of those "holy..." moments recently that have each propelled me into a decision to leave a position doing work that I love in pursuit of something I am passionate about, have been guided towards, and ultimately decided to stop ignoring. Yesterday was my last day as a full-time Higher Ed educator. Today is a fresh start; day one of giving this publishing company the focus and attention it deserves.

Week 31 Illustration - Hand Lettering "It is time"

If you haven't been following my journey, I didn't just dive in from the deep end. I've been wading out in that direction from the shallow end for the last few years - one wake creating step at a time. Recently though, I reached that point in the pool where you have to make a decision; turn around and wade back, stay where I am, or push off and swim the distance. A few months ago I elected the latter.

Today more than ever, there is tranquility in that decision.

I'm sure there will be days when I look back at the shallow end and wonder why I thought swimming to and through the deep end was a good idea. I'm sure there will be days when I just need to tread where I am to catch my breath for a moment. But I'll have this day as a reminder of why I decided to push off and take a dip in the deep end. Also, in revealing this decision to others, I found out that I have a kick ass group of friends and family that are willing to encourage me to push through to the finish line and coach me along the way.

This week's #Go52 theme is peaceful. Which is exactly where I am today.

#Go52 Week 31 Theme - Peaceful

What brings you peace? Illustrate it. Tag it. #Go52.

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