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An Ode to Immortality

The legacy we leave behind makes us in some way immortal. Throughout life, our legacy teeters from side to side, hinging on our actions & words to balance or tip the scale in one direction or another. How we are perceived by others throughout each stage in life in part determines our legacy. But consistent and graceful actions can solidify that our legacy leaves a positive impact on the world even as we leave it behind.

We are halfway through the #Go52 Challenge and the Week 21 theme is Graceful.

#Go52 Challenge, Week 21, Graceful

As we venture into each new season and year here, we can start anew in our attempt to walk gracefully along this earth. Here's to an opportunity to transition gracefully to whatever is next for you, to leave a legacy that ripples for many years to come, to look outwardly enough to tip the scales of your immortality towards good.

What's graceful in your eyes? Illustrate it. Share it. Tag it. #Go52

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