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Please Speak Well of Me

Hindsight is always crisp and clear. It's easy to put a finger directly on what we could have said or done differently in a given situation, even though it would ultimately put us on a different path than the present. Week 20 of #Go52 celebrates the divine journey that we're all walking daily.

In each and every interaction we leave an imprint on others. A large majority of us wish for others to speak well of our actions, thoughts, and words. With age our hindsight heightens and we increasingly hope to have connected in such a way that our true nature shines through and onto all who we encounter. Our aged understanding of this divine journey yields a wisdom that grants us a new level of discernment which eases the agonizing accompanied with hindsight, and instead leaves us with increased hope.

Today we celebrate a divine journey, 94 + years in the making. Click on the photo to check out our contribution to #MillitaryAppreciationMonth and #NationalBiographersDay.

If you could capture anyone's divine journey who would it be? What would their book cover look like? Illustrate it. Tag it. #Go52

So Okay..., The Book Cover for Grandpa James' abbreviated life story.

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