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Stay Alive: That Would be Enough

To quote the truth found within the lyrics of a modern day mega musical about one of our nation's founding fathers, "Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now."

You might be wondering how I could draw such a conclusion given all that's going on in our world today. We're five weeks into the new year and A LOT has changed in a short period of time. There are many within our nation who are currently pregnant with unfettered emotions; both their own and those of others - all swirling around on social media. In times of challenge and uncertainty we often look more at the gloomy implications we're faced with, but there are two sides to every coin.

Two sides of the same coin. Image courtesy of

There's a Big Game coming this weekend and play can't begin until the two teams meet in the middle for a ceremonial coin flip. Such a random event will be the catalyst for a few hours' worth of entertainment. Within this arbitrary action we look only for validation in the side that is facing up, but the other side still exists. It just isn't in the lead position at that moment. The same is true with life and everything in it. Except, we control the coin. We are the referee and we are the players meeting at mid-field. No flip needed. It's your job to "call it." No matter how bad things seem in the moment, you can choose to turn the coin over and celebrate the dawning of possibility.

Celebrate the daily dawning of possibility. Image courtesy of C. L. Fails.

With each new day and situation that springs forth we can choose to get stuck in the woe and misery, or we can make a decision to use those feelings to motivate us to action. All those unfettered emotions, can become a powerful tool in the right hands. So yes, we are lucky to be experiencing an awakening of our spirits so strong that it's causing the cauldron in the pits of our belly to boil and churn. Be discerning in your thoughts and remember that nothing can be taken away from you as long as you are still breathing.

You control the coin. You have the fight and drive to thrive, because You. Are. Alive.

Week 5. #Go52. Sketch it. Draw it. Photograph it. Share it. What's your next step?

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