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How to Harness Inspiration

Officially four weeks into the #Go52 Challenge and our weekly theme is inspired.

Week 4 Theme: Inspired

What moves you to action? How do you know when inspiration actually strikes? How do you harness the feeling of elation that accompanies the surge in creative impulse?

Think about a time when your genius was empowered to act until the task was finished; a time when you were seemingly outside of your body watching yourself work as that often elusive innovation oozed out effortlessly.

What question were you answering?

What problem were you solving?

What were you looking at through a different lens?

Exploration often triggers a surge in imagination which can lead to inspiration. The truth about becoming inspired is that it's often difficult to harness. But, with continued discovery you can become more accustomed to activating the creative muscles that lead you to inspiration.

Tell us: What inspires you? How do you feel when you're inspired to act? What moves you to action?

Draw it. Tag it. You've gone 3. Now #Go52!

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