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Be Stronger Today.

It's Tuesday!! Time for this week's #Go52 theme: Empowered.

By definition, empowered means to enable, to permit, or to grant power for someone to do something. It is also the process of increasing in strength and confidence.

What or who empowers you to pursue what's possible?

What or who empowers you to be bold?

How do you empower others to chase after their dreams?

Doodle it. Draw it. Photograph it. What does it look like to feel empowered?

While we're on the subject, who or what do you grant the power to further delay those already deferred dreams? How would it look or feel to do things differently; to treat yourself with all the admiration, love and grandeur that you use to empower others? Figure out what you need today and take one step towards a different choice.

Grant yourself license to struggle and enough grace to learn from it and try again. Add to that license, permission to soar. Hand over an invaluable gift to become your dreams.

Be stronger today. Your future self will thank you!

Can't wait to see what you come up with...

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