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So Okay...Treasured Stories from the Life of James M. Robinson, Sr.

So Okay...Treasured Stories from the Life of James M. Robinson, Sr.


An innovative approach to the modern memoir; So Okay...fills the void of the storyteller by providing audio to accompany the print edition. Ten universal human truths are woven through tales from a life that spans the course of 9 decades.


    A young high school graduate from modest Dalton, MO, embarks on an expedition to find his way in this big, beautiful world. More than 75 years later, his granddaughter is deployed on her own mission; capturing the unimaginable stories of his incredible life.

    The adventures and anecdotes shared by this war veteran and Buffalo Soldier, quickly morphed the mission into something much greater. Author C. L. Fails, now sought to find the secrets to a life well lived.

    His stories hold all the candor you would expect from a 94 year old, with a twist of wit and wisdom inherited from his siblings, parents and grandparents (some of whom were born into slavery). Download your QR scanner and prepare for a wild ride as you listen to Grandpa James summons his inner griot and teach us about life's universal human truths.


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