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Ella Ambassador Pack

Ella Ambassador Pack


Where one kind act lives, so begins a ripple of kindness. Our goal is to expand the visual presence of everyday acts that lend a hand, encourage and support growth, and turn the tide of angst. Help us turn ripples into waves and fill the world with compassion. Request your Ella Ambassador Pack today!


    The Complete Starter Pack contains a button for you, +3 gifting buttons for other awesome humans.


    Already received a pin from someone? Tell us what cool thing you were caught doing and request your Gifting Button Pack to pin it forward!


    All Ella Ambassador Packs are offered free of charge thanks to our amazing Patreon members!


    All merchandise is thoroughly inspected prior to shipment. However, we know that mail handling can be a bit rough on certain goods. For any questions regarding the quality of your purchase please connect with our customer service team via email,, within 21 days of purchase!

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