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A Spoonful of Sugarplums

A Spoonful of Sugarplums


“I wish I could tell you that it all ends well. Unfortunately we won’t know the answer until all is said and done.”


A hard-working Doctor, Chris James, is generally content with life but taking on extra hours at work, causing her to miss her favorite season of the year. A chance encounter introduces her to a cynical teacher armed with charm and refreshing honesty.


Charlie Hughes, whose past causes him to dread Christmas, forms an instant bond with Dr. Chris, whose enthusiasm for the season challenges him to reconnect with his Christmas spirit. The two must battle the onslaught of old flames, preconceived notions,  bumps and bruises, in pursuit of forging a holiday romance with a shot of survival.


With each other's help the two soon discover that sometimes the best Christmas gift is the gift of grace.

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