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Tough times we're living in right now. People are working remotely where possible. Events and visits are getting postponed. Schools are shutting their doors, all in the name of keeping us all as healthy as possible. It has been a wonder to watch communities adapt so quickly.

I know you're in search of resources, entertainment, edutainment - something to take your mind off of all the things. Creatives and educators all around the country are offering hope in the form of free resources that are readily available to those with access to the internet. We've shared those that have floated across our feeds with our community on Facebook, but that reach only extends so far.

Here's where we need your help. I'll be sharing those resources on our blog as regularly as possible. I've also taken to YouTube to share read aloud videos of my Ella Books & Raine the Brain series. Feel free to use these "Power"ful books to spur discussion about creativity, sparking ripples of kindness, growth mindset, grit, and dreaming big. Help us spread the word to put these resources in the hands of as many people as possible.

Together we'll weather this storm and come out stronger for it on the other side.


“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.”

George Washington Carver

Dream wild and free. Build a vision. You are entirely up to you.

Stay safe friends!

C. L. Fails

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