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Embracing Alignment and Finding Serenity

Last week was all about sailing towards prosperous adventures. This week we’re chatting about embracing alignment and finding serenity (Week 30’s theme).

Sailing Towards Prosperous Adventures

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed.”

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Yesterday I started listening to a 21-day meditation experience on the Energy of Attraction with Oprah and Deepak. I’ll include an unaffiliated link at the end of the blog in case you’re interested in joining in on the fun. The focus of day one was understanding the nature of desire. You’ve probably heard the phrase like attracts like. Understanding the root of this core concept was the basic premise of the first meditation. Positive desires seek positivity. Likewise, negative desires seek negativity. So simple in concept, but in practice - entirely different for a culture that is almost trained to see the negative first. So what did I gain? Serenity.


The first day’s meditation left me feeling at peace with a lot of the unanswered questions I’ve been wrestling with internally. It was a great reminder of staying aware of what I can and cannot control, but also what I can attract through desire.

My environment may not have seemed conducive to an effective meditation - we’re mid-book launch here and there are bookmarks, buttons, books and bookplates stacked to the hilt. This 20 minute pause though, was enough to realign my core and bring a level of serenity I usually only find while sitting still amongst nature. What I found during my desk meditation was a realignment that brought with it the tranquility and peace I needed at this very moment.

Sifting Through the Chaos

The world is only as serene as we make it in our hearts and minds. There is so much turmoil and unrest bubbling both abroad and here on USA soil. In fact, as I’m typing this blog, there are peaceful protests happening only a few miles away from the office. How do we find serenity when there are societal and personal ailments filling our lives from the moment we wakeup until the moment we rest our eyes and soul for the next day? The answer is carving out time to find alignment internally.

Focus On Your Desires

What you desire, you seek - whether you realize it or not. You must value and desire internal alignment for serenity to appear. Once you do, you’ll find ways to seek out tranquility whether you’re consciously aware of it or not. The end result is a more focused pursuit of that which you desire, and a serene mind while pursuing it.

The prosperous journey requires a skilled voyager. The more we knowledge we acquire the more skilled we become, and the closer we are to prosperous adventures.

Remember, our thoughts drive our actions, which impact our results, which then reinforce our initial thoughts. Keep your focus in alignment with what you want (vs. what you don’t want) in order to manifest the serenity you desire.

Be at peace...

C. L. Fails

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