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3 Steps Towards Becoming Victorious in Everything

I’ve been inconsistent with the blog for the last two months. I’ve made excuses for why I can’t write or draw, and I allowed myself to get away with being lax. Yes, there were important things that needed to be handled. Yes, there were items that were time sensitive, but so is this. Today we’re putting one foot in front of the other and marching back towards a more consistent victory.

3 Steps to Victory

“To be victorious, you must find glory in the little things.”

Janelle Monáe


I recently read an excerpt from the Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard it shared,

“…and soon we find that each of these little breaks in our will leads to another, and then to a lifetime of compromise and regret. Without vigilance, what is right and strong about the human spirit can be whittled away and broken forever.”

Understanding the Shift

The #Go52 posts are an exercise in patience and focus, in longevity and will. They’re also reflective of life. We’ll have our moments where we shine and those where we need a break. There will be times that we thrive and others where we drop the ball, consistently - in spite of our intentions. In good times, we are quick to acknowledge a win. In the tough times, our focus centers heavily on our errors instead of the smallest of victories that we might have earned. Even while in the drudges, we still have small wins. Learning how to spot them will help us be victorious.


Becoming Victorious

Maybe I’ve posted two blogs in the last 7 weeks, but I’ve posted more than one. Maybe I’ve struggled in finding writing inspiration, but I’ve found it again. Maybe my focus was elsewhere, but I’ve realized the importance of maintaining a commitment to getting these posts out on time. Each acknowledgement and step towards the right direction, strengthens my integrity and leads me back towards victory. So what do we do to snap out of the funk, and how do we know which direction is the right one?

  1. Own It: fess up to your shortcomings. Until you do, it will always be someone else’s fault or problem or mess to clean up. I’m not asking you to beat yourself up about the areas where you were human, but I am asking you to be honest with yourself.

  2. Challenge Yourself: you’re in competition with you. Which version will be victorious? Sure it’s so much easier to put things off until tomorrow, but what happens when tomorrow is overwhelmed with piles full of yesterday's intentions? Do something small today that will propel you towards another win tomorrow. Before you know it those piles of intentions will dwindle down to nothing - because it’s already been handled.

  3. Celebrate Your Daily Win: it’s easy to tell yourself that this is something you were supposed to be doing anyway, but where’s the triumph in that. Yes, I brushed my teeth after lunch today - here’s a donut to celebrate. Okay, maybe a sugar-laced celebration is doing too much, but acknowledging the moral win for the success that it is, will help propel you forward towards more small victories. ​

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Every artist can see the flaws of their greatest work in magnified detail, but even they remember to step back from their piece to see how the intricate parts make the whole. You are a walking mosaic. Remember to step back from time to time, to see the full scale version of your life. Those small wins add up to larger victories and before you know it, you’ll be victorious in everything.

Celebrate the small wins. Become victorious. #Go52

C. L. Fails

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