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How Joy Reconnects Us

Last week's post was all about being peace; taking an active role in the search for tranquility. The 14th week of this year brings us yet another opportunity to take an active role in our own journey. This time we're chatting about being Joyful and how it has the power to reconnect us.

Why Joy?

What is it about seeking joy or the prospect of feeling joyful that draws us in? Is it the thought of being overcome with bliss, or the potential for good fortune or success that propels us in that direction? Could it be the potential and promise of happiness that lies within joy that motivates us to act? Whatever the answer, the force itself is powerful.

Think about the last time you felt exuberant or lighthearted. Actually stop for a moment, and think about it. What actions preceded those feelings of joy?

Did you feel that?

A fleeting glimpse of joy in remembering a moment now passed; the people nearby, the senses that were engaged during the event - all now reengaged.

We are connected to our memories and each other through emotions, the most fond of these evoke joy.

That is the power of joy.

Familiarity Breeds Habituation

So how do we seek out joyful moments in a world that is increasingly overwhelmed with catastrophes and a trail of dissonance? The same way we increase our aptitude in other areas, practice.

With a constant flow of negativity, we can become numb to the depths of our own despair and before we notice can find ourselves devoid of hope. But joy, interspersed between that steady stream, can grant us the time to reconnect with the reason(s) we connected with each other in the first place. It is pushing pause on the radio and allowing the other sounds that surround us to elevate to prominence.

Choosing Joy is pushing pause on the radio and allowing other sounds to elevate to prominence.

Jump to It

So let's push pause.

With focused repetition, we allow ourselves an opportunity to create a space for joy to return in abundance; reconnecting us to the memories that give us hope.

But how do we do it already?!

Here are 2 things (yes, just two) that might help:

  1. Monitor Your Thoughts - Are you focusing on the negative?

  • what you don't want vs. what you do

  • where you don't want to be vs. where you would prefer to be

  • how you don't want to be treated vs. how you do

  1. Shift Your Focus - Give yourself a fighting chance! Remember that our thoughts drive our actions. If my focus is on the negative, (ex. I don't want to get in an accident) I am ultimately driving towards that focus (an accident). Conversely, if I focus on what I want, (I want to arrive safely) what type of actions will follow? I'll:

  • double check my blind spots

  • watch for oncoming traffic

  • be a more defensive driver

  • slow down on yellow instead of speeding up, etc.

Once you shift your mindset, your experiences will follow suit, which will lead to more joyous experiences worth sharing with others; affording us yet another chance to reconnect with our own humanity.

So what joyous event did you flash back to? Share it with us below!

Be kind. Have fun. #Go52

C. L. Fails

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