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Nourishing Self: Why It Matters

We're plugging right along with our #Go52 Challenge and this week's theme is Nourishing.

Of course we all understand the importance of nourishing our bodies! But sometimes we get swept up in the rush of everyday life which can cause us to overlook the short and long term impact that our actions can have on our individual selves as well as those around us.

Proper nourishment leads to mental and physical wellness. Eating well can lead to a healthy heart, healthy bones, increased energy which can lead to an increase in exercise and blood flow, which trickles into improved cognitive functions, and eventually improved mental health.

I notice the difference when I'm nourishing my soul vs. eating so I don't feel hungry, and so does my husband.

My Disposition When I Nourish My Body


My Disposition When I Don't

You've been there before. You, your friends, your co-workers are all aware of how you act when you're Hangry; *hello, snapped much?* They also know what to expect when you've had waaaaay too much caffeine or sugar; Initial Elation, meet CRASH. Your body feels the difference and so do those around you, that is, if they opt to stay nearby during those less-than-favorable moments.

We're talking about our choices impacting the relationships around us, both those that are important to us now and those which could be important to us in the future. But nourishing our bodies isn't limited to food intake. We're talking spiritual nourishment, emotional nourishment, and all other areas.

Imagine your body and soul as a city or town.

For those cities that are well nourished, and by that I mean they maintain the city's infrastructure, plan for the future, and do a great job of prioritizing the needs of its current citizens, there is a greater investment from their current population which can lead to an increase in opportunities to grow.

Conversely, cities without a plan often find issues with blight, plight, apathy, abandonment, and as a result - a lack of opportunities to grow. Your body responds in much the same fashion as cities and towns do.

Devise a plan and follow through on feeding it, and you thrive mentally and physically. Just maintain or try to get by, and you'll find yourself feeling more apathetic.

Your city, or rather your body, deserves an opportunity to become a thriving metropolis. Make regular nourishment a priority. You're worth it!

#Go52 - Week 11 Illustration

Go be great!

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