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Compassionate Leadership & Generosity

Earlier today I had the opportunity to deliver a keynote presentation about the Importance of Community Relations and Alumni Engagement. My brainstorming took me all around Joe's barn, identifying reason after reason that each was important. When I stopped trying to force it, I realized, just like everything else that we attempt to understand, you have to start at the core. The importance of Community Relations and Alumni Engagement, or any engagement for that matter, hinges on a desire for growth that is spearheaded by compassionate leaders.

We're talking about individuals who lead with affection, generosity, and concern. For the purpose of the blog, I'll pause on generosity, which is also our theme of the week.

Go52 Week 9 Theme & Object

Leading with generosity is often characterized as a noble or kind act. One in which an abundance of resources are present. The most important component of being generous in your leadership, is getting out of the way of the results. So often, people wish to be heralded for leading, and sometimes this can hinder true progress.

Where the most abundant growth occurs, compassionate leaders are present. They possess a knack for understanding how to connect and serve, as well as how to recognize those who are also doing the heavy lifting. They are generous in mission, in spirit, and in elevating the progress of all for the sake of the greater good. Without them, the world wouldn't shine as brightly. Shine on!

Go52 - Week 9 - Generous

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