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Feeding Your Inner Superhero

It's Week 4 of the #Go52 Challenge and this week we're talking about gleaning from your favorite superhero and growing to confident.

Go52 Week 4 - Confident | Superhero

Confidence. Our belief in our own abilities and self-worth. Its ripples extend far and wide, having impacts on our drive, our relationships and ultimately our future. It boils down to an ability to rest assured that we have been given the skills to succeed in work, in loving relationships, and in life.

True confidence is asserted quietly with the knowledge that, "I can." False confidence is often carried in on the back of a show horse named Bravado, wielding statements of, "Watch Me," while prancing about in a display worthy of first in show. But confidence, true confidence, does not need flash or attention.

To be confident in yourself means that you stand steady as Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, knowing full well that you have an inner superhero ready to stand on the side of justice when the time presents itself.

How does your inner superhero manifest itself at work? In loving relationships (with friends, family, and significant others)? In life? How does your inner superhero show up on the scene?

Does it fly above the clouds, presenting itself only when near danger? Does it hide in its bat-cave until summoned for aide? Or, does your cape take the form of an ever-present flashy suit like the joker?

Whether it's flashy like the joker, or flashy like the show horse, it's still a mask for the truth. Growing your confidence means standing still in the meadow just long enough to find your inner superhero powers. It means nurturing your skills and abilities and growing into your superhero threads. We choose what we feed. For your co-workers, for those you love, and most importantly for you, be kind to yourself, and feed your inner superhero.

How does your inner superhero look? Looking forward to seeing this week's creations. Describe it. Illustrate it. Tag it. #Go52.

Enjoy the week!

#Go52 Week 4 Illustration

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