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Abundant Creations

It's Week 3 of our #Go52 Challenge and we're charging right along. It's a bit on the cold side this week. So cold in fact, that many of the local school districts cancelled classes today for fear of frostbite. Another day home means another opportunity to be creative. Creative in parenting, creative in output, creative in a plethora of avenues.

This week's theme is Abundant:

Such is the wealth of opportunities we face on a daily basis if we choose to see it as so. The truth about abundance is that it is ever present when we stop searching for something greater or something better. When we are content with what we have, we are presented with opportunities to continue to grow.

The object for the week is a full-glass. This week's illustration contains the best of both world's - a quote about abundance and a glass full of knowledge.

Remember to share your #Go52 posts with us. Looking forward to seeing what you create!

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