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Year's End Wrap

Our last #Go52 post of 2017 is three...three...three, posts in one!

The week 50 theme was Eager, which is something a lot of us are experiencing during this holiday season. Time with family and friends, surprising someone with a thoughtful gift and anticipating their reaction, we are eager for all that could be.

This week's theme is Glorious, and for some of us, the spirit of the season truly evokes feelings of delighted admiration. It almost radiates from our pores as we share more frequently, speak more thoughtfully, and open our hearts to others.

Next week is week 52 of #Go52, and things will draw to a close with the theme, Optimistic. Surely you've experienced this renewed sense of "anything-is-possiblness" (TM). It's the moment you reconsider a goal from this year or last, when you reflect on what could be, and you make plans to chase after your wildest or mildest dreams.

Each of these works together to fill the end of this year with one overarching theme. In fact, it was our Week 23 theme as well. Fitting that both the middle and end of the year provide similar boosts of courage and gumption. We're curious what you're most eager and optimistic about for 2018. Drop us a note below and as always, don't forget to illustrate, share and tag it: #Go52.

Here's our final illustration for the year. Thanks for making this year a great one! Be safe, celebrate with vigor and we'll see you next year for another round of #Go52.

My husband and I trussing a turkey in festive sweaters

All the best!

C. L. Fails

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