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Things are Getting Festive

Things are getting festive around here, but before I tell you all about our adventures in baking and decorating, let's pause for a moment of silence for our fallen friend from Week 48 - Discovery. We failed to post a #Go52 for Week 48 because of the whirlwind that was Launch Week for Ella and One Big Dream. Couple that with successfully wrapping up this year's NaNoWriMo with a win (READ: writing until my eyelids were too heavy to hold open), and searching high and low for printing options for a potential author, and something had to give. Alas, it was our #Go52 post for the week.

Now, while I cannot promise to complete an illustration for the theme, Discovery, I can include the sketch from last week's podcast guest, Je T'aime Taylor. The episode was entitled Voyage to Discovery and her Creation Comet sketch of a snail turned out pretty fantastic! You know, they say snails are creatures that take the slow road less traveled. Is that a thing? We'll go with it...

Any-who, this week's theme is Festive. It's not a festive theme, the actual theme of the week is the word, festive.

Speaking of festive, things are all holidayed up around this house. My husband and I have pulled out the nutcrackers, wreaths, and the Christmas quilt I made about 5 years ago. He put the lights up on the house. We ventured out to select and haul home a Christmas tree that is also decorated, and last Sunday was our dedicated Baked Gifts Day. Yes, things look and smell mighty festive around here. Each element is doing its part to keep us in the holiday spirit - encouraging us to connect or reconnect with friends and family far and near. While Christmas may only be one day of the year, the holiday season is celebrated for a longer stretch of time and that is what keeps us our hearts bursting with optimism, our homes full of hospitality, and our actions inspired by the hope that remains for humanity.

We see sprinkles of it here and there throughout the rest of the year. But there's something about this festive season that amplifies the good that still exists in the world. You can see it there within those lights, or those favorite ornaments (even if they roll off your hand and shatter into a million tiny pieces on the hardwoods), the carols you sing, the smiles and laughter that you hear...

This season points a spotlight back on our purpose and provides a resurgence of hope. How do you sum that up in an illustration? Well, here's my attempt. It's a hybrid illustration; part watercolor & part digital.

#Go52 Challenge - Week 49 Illustration

Here's to a festive holiday season for you and yours! What gets you into a festive mood? Illustrate it. Share it. Tag it. #Go52.

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