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Once Upon a Time in 1922...

Today's #Go52 post comes as this Tuesday day winds to a close. Indeed it was a busy day; recorded a podcast episode (or two), refined our Patreon page (more on that soon), and spent some time with the man, myth, legend, and birthday honoree.

Today, Grandpa James, of "So Okay..." fame, celebrated his 95th birthday.

He truly possesses unlimited wisdom and love. It's only fitting that our theme for this week is Unlimited.

The motto for the state of Kansas is "ad astra per aspera," which means, "To the stars through hardships." Through many hardships, my grandfather is enjoying his view of the stars right here on earth.When we had the chance to chat this afternoon, Grandpa James credited a bit of luck, hard work, and not smoking or drinking (except that one time 80 years ago) for his longevity. I tend to think it's that coupled with a wide variety of other traits like this week's illustration which is the work of Sandra Dumais.

Anatomy of a Grandpa's Heart by Sandra Dumais

What is Unlimited in your life? Illustrate it. Share it. Tag it. And help us wish Grandpa James a Happy 95th Birthday! #Go52

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