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Strong is What You Make It

So we're into Week 37 of our #Go52 Illustration Challenge and this week we're talking about being Strong.

#Go52 Week 37 Theme - Strong

We all have it in our minds what the definition of strong is, but have you ever looked it up? The reach of this word stretches a mile wide. So, I shifted from thinking about the definition of strong as it is written in the dictionary, to my own. With one simple question (and answer) I had my illustration in mind.

What comes to mind when you hear the word strong? For me, to close my eyes and envision the word strong, I see a wide range of people who I would consider to fit the bill; husband, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, friends. They all possess the same core traits.

They are healthy in mind and/or body. They are determined and focused. They are resolute, willful, and powerful. They are are distinct in personality and actions, and courageous in pursuit of truth, love, and passions. They. Are. Strong.

At times they are stronger in some areas than others, but they are discerning enough to know which traits are needed in any given situation, and they pull from these almost without hesitation. Does this mean that they are without fault? No, they and I alike, are all human beings which by default makes us imperfect. But there is strength in that imperfection, as it provides an opportunity to grow and improve.

So here it is, my #Go52 Illustration for Week 37. I look forward to seeing your posts! What comes to mind when you hear the word Strong? Illustrate it. Share it. Tag it. #Go52

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