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You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

Week 33 of the #Go52 Challenge finds us in a mentally and emotionally exhausting time in American History. Recent events in Charlottesville, VA have our nation's residents questioning the year we're living in and wrestling with the fact that so much hatred still exists. I drafted the roster of weekly themes back in January and so far each has been right on time. This week is no exception.

Our Week 33 theme is Powerful:

#Go52 - Week 33 - Powerful

Please remember as you work through your thoughts, YOU are powerful beyond measure. Your words and actions matter, and they leave a lasting impact on those around you - sometimes sight unseen. Ramp up your greatness. The world needs you!

Week 33 Illustration - Powerful Beyond Measure

Feeling powerful? Illustrate it. Share it. Tag it. #Go52.

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