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Things are Getting Lively...

This week's #Go52 post has me deep in the throws of business building. Double checking this, crossing off that. Does this link direct you to...nope, let's fix that. My brain is moving rapidly through all of the items that need my full attention, which also includes life outside of this business.

To say my mind and my emotions are getting a bit of exercise would be like comparing a Rec League basketball schedule to that of the Golden State Warriors. No comparison. Void of facts. It's actually on overload, which means my body has gone into self-preservation mode; the exact opposite of this week's theme, lively.

#Go52, Week 32 Theme - Lively

Instead of allowing it to course wildly through my veins and out of my pores, I'm modifying my lively: creating lists, scheduling my time, and working through each item, one at a time to help cap and corral all the spirited ideas that are marching through my mind.

Week 31 Illustration - Marching Brain

What's lively in your world? Illustrate it. Tag it. Share it. #Go52

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