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You Can Do Magic

We're steady rolling into Week 29 of our #Go52 Challenge and this week we've been listening to Yacht Rock Radio on SiriusXM...don't judge. I listen to a wide variety of music genres and can appreciate Steely Dan as much as I can Jay-Z (is the hyphen back yet?). A few days ago, one my favorite songs to sing from the backseat of my mom's VW Super Beetle came on the air. I sang the chorus just as loud as I did back then.

"You can do maaaaagic. You can have everything that you desire. Maaaagic. And you know you're the one who can put out the fire."

It struck me as I was singing (as an adult, not a wee one), that we all do magical things every day. We have ambitions that we're pursuing, we're raising children, we're teaching each other more about the world. We are facinating, enchanting, extraordinary, miraculous, mysterious, and wonderful beings - which is magical in and of itself.

America's song (that's the name of the duo) was right on time as the Week 29 theme is:

Week 29 Theme - #Go52: Magical

What magical things have you seen someone else do? What have you done that felt magical? Illustrate it. Post it. Tag it. #Go52

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