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Playing Catch Up!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind full of busy - all good busy though! More on some fantastic news momentarily, but first things first; it's time to play catch up. While I was off in busyland, the #Go52 Challenge was haunting the depths of my mind.

"Oh no, it's Tuesday! I'll post it later..."

"Oh no, it's been two Tuesdays. I'll create a double post."

"Oh no, it's Tuesday again! How do I get back in the groove?"

When we last left off, we saw an Ode to Immortality for our Week 21 Topic - Graceful.

Week 22 brought us something Cherished, and I found myself spending time with family on Memorial Day weekend. It was a unique opportunity to connect branches of a family tree that have only recently begun to wave in the same direction.

Week 23 found me Hopeful, after connecting with 12 awesome future dentists through one of my favorite workshop series. The best part is always watching the lightbulb shine brightly once each participant realizes that the journey from point "a" to point "b" allows us some wiggle room to learn, as each step serves its purpose of bringing us closer to our goals.

Week 24 I was Focused on creating a great user experience for LaunchCrate's first vendor booth. Our attention to detail paid off and we sold out before the exhibition had ended. We also connected with some awesome women with awesome stories to share and we look forward to connecting with them all!

Week 25 found me Invigorated and renewed as we started to charge ahead towards rolling out the LaunchCrate Manifesto - the reason behind all of our initiatives and work.

Which brings us to Week 26 (yes, I missed that many!), Joyful! Despite all the "busy", the past month has brought forth much encouragement and confirmation that the pending big leap will be well worth the jump. I am tremendously joyful at the overwhelming support from our LaunchCrate tribe.

With all of that, we're all caught up and I bring to you the fantastic news (part 1), our first draft of the LaunchCrate Manifesto; a cherished combination of hopeful, focused thoughts that invigorate our joyful endeavors.

LaunchCrate Manifesto

Pick one, two, three, or all four weekly themes. Illustrate your feelings and tag it, #Go52. Here's to a mighty big summer!

Until next week...I promise.

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