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Two for One: Love and Happiness

We took a much needed break to focus on doing all things with our Week 7 Theme: Love.

#Go52 - Week 7: Love

There will be times when faced with challenges that tempt you in turn to act as ugly as you received. But there is a far greater good at work and to choose actions that align with unconditional love that transcends circumstances, you will find yourself on the receiving end of great happiness, our theme for Week 8.

Our week long hiatus provided us with the opportunity to extend our book love to more people. With love, we delivered copies of our Ella series books to the Museum Store in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, in Kansas City, MO. Accompanying the purchase of each book is an Ella Ambassador pin and card to expand the network of kind hearts and good deed doers who are ready to enhance the world around them - spreading love and happiness throughout the community. Indeed our small movement is growing and it evokes a feeling of the warmth that flows from your favorite song. Hence this week's double duty illustration for Love and Happiness.

#Go52 Week 7 & Week 8 - Love and Happiness, Sun and Music

Keep illustrating!

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