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Week 2: Flat Soda (Pop)

The first week of #Go52 has drawn to a close. I've seen some pretty cool illustrations for Week 1's theme - possibility. It's often easy for us to start something and allow it to fizzle down into flat pop (soda - whatever you call it). The thing is, that soda (pop - whatever you call it) is still full of flavor. You can still drink it even if there are no bubbles to tickle your nose as you sip.

What soda are you drinking? You've thought about what could be. Now it's time to be bold and go get it. The theme for Week 2 is:

Keep it simple. Don't overthink it. What's bold? Draw it. Doodle it. Sketch it. Do it! You can #Go52!

  1. See It: Check out the theme of the week

  2. Dream It: Hatch a creative idea

  3. Do It: Use the medium of your choice to bring your idea to life and share it with us on facebook, twitter or instagram

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