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Launch Team


Join the Ella and One Big Dream Launch Team and Receive 5 EXCLUSIVE Benefits


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I need your help. We've been preparing for Ella's return and are eager to share this book with others. The core message of this story is relevant for young and old, and everyone in between. 

As the "Countdown to Launch" for "Ella and One Big Dream" rolls on, I am inviting just 50 readers to join me in creating a special Launch Team. The "Ella and One Big Dream (EOBD) Launch Team" is a group of peers who are willing to roll up their sleeves to help us get the word out about this book.

Team Member Benefits

As an EOBD Launch Team member you will receive:

  1. Early access to "Ella and One Big Dream" (electronically or in print)

  2. A one time, 25% discount on the LaunchCrate store

  3. A special "Thank You" shout to you (and your business - where applicable) on our blog

  4. Direct access to me through through our private Facebook Group

  5. Exclusive EOBD Launch Team swag

Launch Team Requirements

As a member of the EOBD Launch Team we ask that you:

  1. Write a short review on Amazon - good, bad, or (hopefully not) ugly

  2. Spend a "Day with Ella and One Big Dream"

    • Read it​, pull out your favorite quotes, jot down your takeaways, and

    • Share these and additional ways to get the message to a larger audience with the Launch Team members

  3. Help spread the word about the book within your circles of influence (think big!) on Launch Day, November 27th and during Launch Week (the week of November 27th) - including direct contact with those who would love the theme

That's all!

How to Apply


I'll be randomly selecting 50 applicants who submit a complete application by or before 11:59 pm on Thursday, November 9, 2017. All selected EOBD Launch Team members will be notified via email on Friday, November 10, 2017 and a special announcement will be posted to the LaunchCrate blog the same afternoon.

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