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Secrets of the Energetic

August 28, 2018

This week we’re rolling through a fun house full of activities, which leaves us with a choice in how to respond. We can be completely overwhelmed with it all or we can allow it to give us energy. Let’s get down to business to find the secrets of the energetic - our Week 35 theme.



“An energetic man will succeed where an indolent one would vegetate and inevitably perish.”       

Jules Verne


If you’re reading this, my assumption is that you’re interested in becoming more energetic in some area of your life. Before you read any further, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Why do I want to become more energetic?

  2. How frequently do I want my energetic nature to shine?

Your answers will shape the way you interpret the rest of this post. Trust me, it will be far more meaningful if you have your individual answers in mind as you continue. So yes, if you kept reading before answering the questions, go back. The rest of this post isn't going anywhere.

Think of the word energetic and who or what we tend to associate with it. Children are energetic. People who drink coffee are often considered more energetic after doing so. Athletes are energetic, and there’s always one adult that we know of who seems to regularly ooze energy from his or her pores. There’s a high spirited spunk, a sprightly spirit, an exuberant enthusiasm that seems to bubble about in their soul.  


Why though, do some of us seem more energetic than others? Is it in our DNA? No, because caffeine. Is it in our personality? Well, yes and no. That answer isn’t as clear cut.


Some of us seem to automatically possess or display energy, but the secret to being energetic may not be as automatic as it appears. Understand that the fundamental element of being energetic is actively working towards becoming so.



There's Levels to This


People who drink coffee aren’t always energetic, but have you ever really paid attention to the moment when their level of perkiness begins to increase? Before the cup is in their hands, before they’ve even had a sip, before they’ve added cream or sugar, before they’ve inhaled a whiff, coffee drinkers energy begins to rise the moment they think of ingesting coffee as a possibility. It’s not the act of drinking the coffee that is the pick me up, it’s the thought that it’s on the way that sparks their spunk.


Athletes aren’t always energetic. In fact, there has to be down time for them to recharge and restore their minds and muscles. Plus, imagine a baseball game with a field full of players running in place while they wait for the batter to put the ball in play. Okay, maybe just think about a T-ball game for that visual. Athletes are perhaps, the most well trained people in managing their energy levels and it’s all done in their minds.