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Podcast Season 3 Ep. 11: A Gracious Gallop

December 12, 2018

We sat down with a podcaster/parent advocate to chat about defining success on your own terms.




Nearing the end...


Just two episodes remain in this season. Less than two weeks until Christmas, which leaves just under 3 weeks until the new year. This episode inspires us to finish strong.


On this week’s episode we’re chatting with educator, podcaster, parent advocate, and mom, Denesha Snell. Topics range from telling stories in creative ways, to stepping outside of the box and defining success for yourself.


Together we pen story about the keys of life, then find our way to Creation Comet, Name that Tune - where we debut a new category - hip hop. Be sure to stick around for this week’s 3-2-1, Go! where we’re chatting about transferring our gracious holiday spirit to the entire year.


It's a Gracious Gallop!


 Let's go!




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