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Podcast Season 2 Ep. 12: A Calm Cruise

August 8, 2018

We sat down with the 2018 Kauffman Scholars Legacy Interns to chat about the foundation of creativity!




That's a Wrap!


Season 12 draws to a close and  is here and we're chatting with an aspiring artist, an aspiring sports psychologist, and a commercial & editorial model. Topics include a recap of their summer experience, the importance of building relationships, and how education is the foundation for creativity.


Be sure to hang around for our double bonus Planet Parable tale that requires two sets of dice, and catch the Creation Comet with us as we draw a whimsical cat.



Plus, check out our "3,2,1 Go!" as we revisit how to restore Calm when life is anything but AND, there's a season ending BONUS in the credits that's mandatory listening.



Are you ready?


 Let's go...




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