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Building a Vision

January 8, 2019

Last week we encouraged you to get started on a 52 week journal that we'll help you fill in throughout the course of 2019. If you missed the first post, there's still time to jump in. We are after-all, building a vision.



“Where there is no vision, there is no hope.”       

George Washington Carver


Why Vision is a Necessity


"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." That phrase was written on a mouse pad that I received from my parents just before I left for my first year in college. It would prove itself to be one of the best gifts I ever received. Yep, a mouse pad. Do we still even use those? 


It wasn't the function of the pad itself that made it so great. Although it did have a penchant for keeping fuzzy lint away from the trackball...see how old I am now? I had a mouse with a trackball on it - in college. Okay, let's get back on track. The mouse pad. What made it so great was the quote. When I left for college, I had a faint idea of what and who I wanted to become, but there were so many options rolling around in this head of mine that I had trouble narrowing down a major. This spiraled into some other challenges that eventually led to me leaving school after 3 semesters and moving back in with my parents. But ultimately, what happened is that I had no focus.


So now you're thinking, "well great job that mousepad did there!" You're right. It was great. As I packed it away in my box of "desk things," I knew that I couldn't see myself anywhere. And that, is what my trip home became - a journey to change my reality, to find something to believe in, to hone my vision. I unpacked only a few boxes, a reminder to myself that I wasn't staying for long.  The "desk things" were a necessity and thus my mousepad regained its status as the lint free, motivational wonderforce that it was. I read that quote everyday. It pushed me to dream wild and free, and see myself outside of college graduation. Once I found that vision, it created a clean slate of planning and I was off to the races.






Let's Do This


Without a clear vision, I struggled. Imagine if I started a business without a vision of what I wanted it to do or accomplish. Yikes! How about writing a book? Let's just free-write and see where it takes us! I guarantee nobody would want to read the first, or even the tenth draft of that book. But let me craft a vision. Let me imagine something so I can achieve it. Let me dream something so I can become it. That book, that business, that whatever, has a far better chance of succeeding because I have a clear vision driving my actions, which brings with it - hope. That all compounds upon itself and becomes the anthem that I dance to as I'm chasing a dream down the riverbend.


Your vision, is your why. Without it, we'll accept and allow anything else to become an obstacle or deterrent for reaching our greatest dreams.